The Lazy Beauty Guide For the Girl Who Loves to Sleep, With Moonchild

by Sarah Wittig

We at Moonchild are always looking to help you improve your beauty regime. During these hot and humid summer days and nights we all need a little help to stay gorgeous, radiant and glamorous. Moonchild asked our brand ambassadors how they survive during these beauty-challenging times. Besides frozen Rosé Champagne, here is what they had to say:

1. Before you go for a cool down swim in the sea or the nearest infinity pool, shower and wet your hair. Doing this will help prevent chlorine and salt water to soak into your hair and skin and will protect them from damage. More sound advice: add your favorite treatment or conditioner while relaxing under the umbrella or in your sea side cabana to benefit from maximum penetration of the ingredients into your hair.

2. During and especially after the pandemic (who always wants to make a reservation with your favored mani-pedi specialist weeks in advance?) our feet and hands are suffering. We recommend lots of rich hand and foot cream before going to sleep and wearing cotton gloves and socks while resting. Waking up in the morning you have the smoothest and most glorious hands and feet… and who does not love that?

3. For these extra goo goo eye lashes we have the following trick: warm up your eyelash curler with your hair dryer - not too hot though! - and get the cutest curl ever.

4. For the mornings when we go out too late because the moon and stars kept us up - keep your eye cream in the fridge to help fight puffy eyes.

5. To look your best when stepping out: hang your clothes on a hanger in the bathroom while you shower and let the steam help you to get around ironing.

6. Sleep on 2 pillowcases or a higher one to avoid puffiness. If your head is a little elevated during the night, it helps drain fluid from your face. Perfect for everyone with a busy day - all you have to do is go to sleep to look fantastic the next day.

7. Sleep with a super-high and loose bun on top of your head to prevent split ends and frizz caused by movement during the night. Did you know that silk scrunchies add some extra padding to avoid friction and are super gentle on your hair? They are ideal for day and night use.

8. And of course: sleeping on silk pillowcase has many benefits. Its helps fight split ends and sleep wrinkles in your face and décolleté. It can help to maintain a blow dry and won't soak off your precious skincare products during the night. Moonchild uses organic Peace Silk, that does not harm silkworms, or the environment, or you since it is free of toxins and nasty chemicals.

9. If you can - in the morning, hit the alarm and turn around one more time for those extra 30 minutes. Your skin will thank you for it. Also, start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon.

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