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The Platine Skillet will complete any cooking enthusiast’s kitchen and is an excellent starting point for any collection. Its size makes it versatile for a range of cooking requirements. Ondine cookware uses 316Ti Titanium grade stainless steel which is a non-toxic and non-leaching material that does not alter the taste and nutrients of the food being cooked. It also allows for less oil to be used during cooking. Hand-crafted, polished and assembled with solid brass handles. Ondine cookware has superior durability, having a 2.8mm thickness and 3-ply construction with 316Ti Titanium grade stainless steel. Designed to go straight from oven to table. The cookware is suitable for use on gas, electric, induction and ceramic cookers. Dishwasher safe.

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Based in: United Kingdom

Ondine is an award winning luxury cookware brand founded by Marie Guerlain. Crafted for beauty as well as durability, each piece of Ondine cookware was designed with an instinct for elegance and a flair for the subtleties of timeless design, all handcrafted and hand-assembled in Italy. More than just a cookware brand, Ondine champions a philosophy of enjoying food and enhancing the experience of cooking. This extends to a deep understanding and respect of nutrition and a commitment to innovation. Marie worked with top craftsmen for five years to create the range, with every detail carefully conceived as an expression of her philosophy: products that define function, durability and exceptional aesthetic quality. Every aspect from the milling of the pan body and hand-finished brass handles, to the intricately 2D relieved pan bases have been a labour of love by Marie, in achieving the ultimate perfection. Ondine’s signature is the use of the highest grade 316ti titanium stainless steel, the very best cookware material available. Unlike regular stainless steel, 316Ti has a unique quality that prevents leaching of potentially harmful chemicals into your cooking. It is also non-corrosive and resistant to pitting, which can result from salt residue. Less oil is required to cook, and the surface is easier to clean. This advance technology alloy is used widely in the biomedical sectors for its durability and high resistance to corruption from acids and salts and Ondine uses this advance technology so that its customers get the best results from their cooking experience.

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