Intelligent Life

January 2014

Man In a Suit

Bertie Bertinez
A shop assistant gets a suit fir for selling in

Singling out one of the ladybirds tattooed on his arm, Bertie Bertinez explains why he had it done. 'It has a colourful outer shell but it's a bit gooey on the inside. Like me,' he says. Bertinez is winning: he is both bashful and coy, beaming and scheming. As the assistant manager of Wolf & badger, a boutique selling fashion, jewellery and some homewares in central London, he appears to be doing an ordinary job at an ordinary shop. But Wolf & Badger is definitely not ordinary. Instead of buying stock wholesale, it rents rail space direct to young designers. 'It avoids nepotism, which is such a problem in fashion,' Bertinez explains. 'You may have skill and talent, but be struggling to find somewhere to sell while paying your gas bill.' For a monthly fee and 18% of a designer's sales, Wolf & Badger provides a foothold on the retail ladder.