WeAr Global Magazine

January 2015

HENRY GRAHAM: Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Wolf & Badger, London, UK

I like to use as little regimented thinking as possible.
Thinking too hard about a certain prescribed
aesthetic criteria can actually be a burden and limit
one's perception of the narrative and style a designer
is attempting to convey through their collection. By
following this approach I get a feel for the collections
in a relaxed manner. Once I have been drawn
to a certain designer, I then look for specific items
that I feel would sit well within our stores and on
our e-commerce site. We have a unique way of
working with brands in that we are non-directional
in our buying and we showcase a selection of the
best up-and-coming brands. There are big trends in
womenswear. These include the use of lace within
the body of a garment as a counterpoint to heavier
and denser textiles. Metallic-effect fabric will likely
be the preeminent trend that filters through to the
high street from the catwalks. In terms of color
palette, shades of white were the foundation of
many collections. Dusty pink and pastels were also
widely seen. Where strong color was used it was a
range of purples and blues, from lilac to periwinkle
and cornflower to navy.