O: by Tank

May 2010

Where The Wild Things Are: A New Concept Store Supporting Young Designers - Although it is a difficult time to start a new business, designers and consumers alike should be thrilled that an innovative new retail space, Wolf & Badger, has just opened shop in Notting Hill. The store, created by husband-and-wife team Samir Ceric and Zoe Knight, provides an affordable location for both up-and-coming and already established designers to sell their wares. Ceric (a gallery owner) and Knight (a handbag designer) will be providing their expert advice on everything from pricing to press, and they are inviting designers to apply through their website, as well as approaching top colleges directly. After over 1,000 initial applications, eight talents have been selected to open the shop: Niki Taylor’s clothing line Olanic includes sharply tailored trousers and eye-catching dresses with geometric appliqués that look like cut glass, fashion label Eyola offers curvy, hourglass-shaped outfits, and Anastasia Radevich shows her futuristic shoe designs. Gisele Ganne brings a sombre but humorous collection of rings and necklaces inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery and designed for the occasions of death and divorce. And interior design objects are also stocked, such as Jake Phipps’ quintessentially English range of Jeeves & Wooster hanging lamps, made from bowler and top hats. Most items in Wolf & Badger cost between £200 and £1,500, and each designer also has their own page on the website, allowing them to offer their extended ranges if desired. Knight says, “I never knew how much I would enjoy helping other designers until I’d done this. And I feel blessed for it.”