March 2013

The UK's youngest and most successful entrepreneurs

George Graham

In 2010, aged just 23, George Graham and his brother Henry opened their first boutique in London’s Notting Hill. Most businesses struggle to get off the ground in their first few months, but Wolf and Badger was quickly named one of Britain’s best boutiques by Vogue. Time Out called it the sixth best shop in London.

The brothers innovated by offering designers space on their shelves for a full month, for the same price as a weekend stall at one of the capital’s trendier markets. The clothing designers also keep 80% of their sales, so there’s real supplier demand for a place in one of the company’s three stores.

George’s advises young entrepreneurs to be cautious, suggesting: “Don't just dive straight in. Be sure to do your research and plan ahead. It is very possible to do a lot of the groundwork in your evenings and weekends whilst also holding down a 'day job', this can provide some security of income while you are getting things up and running.”