Shell Bracelet

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Style notes

Handmade Double Spirals Swirl Bracelet with Rhinestone detail for everyday wear.

Spirals can be traced back 7000 years, developing from observing natural examples in shells and plants. Clockwise and anticlockwise spirals represent the inner and outer evolution of the spirit respectively. In relation to the seasonal calendar these relate to the winter and summer, the year being polarised into light and dark seasons. In Celtic belief this translates to the theme in which one always moves from the darkness into the light.

Sustainability guarantees

Is your collection made exclusively in your studio or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people? There should be a focus on preserving artisanal production methods and skilled workers in order to qualify.

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Is your collection manufactured on a small scale in an environmentally sensitive manner, from non-synthetic, sustainably sourced materials, ingredients or textiles e.g. beeswax, silk? (all must apply)

The Golden Grass Company

The Golden Grass Company is a positive luxury brand inspired by nature.

Our products are handmade from Golden Grass (Syngonanthus nitens) - a rare and wild plant that naturally exhibits a striking golden colour.

All of our accessories are handcrafted with care, passion and attention to detail, using local technics passed on from generation to generation to create timeless natural pieces.

The result is a rich, elegant and colourful collection that bring out the uniqueness of this natural material.


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