Soft Linen Dress For Hugs - Black

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Style notes

This loose fit linen dress for hugs features one asymmetric secret passage at the back for touches of love. It can be closed with a press-button. This dress is all natural and breathable, perfect for summer hotness, but also keeps you warm if the weather gets a little windy. It has loose fit and is about knee length with a little bit longer back side for elegance.


Be-with clothing has always been about comfort and feeling good. The soft fabrics that we have chosen and tested always feel great to wear and it is nice to feel how they touch the biggest of our organs - our skin - all over.
Be-with is not about fashion, it is about products that serve a purpose and the purpose is to support building stronger and warmer relationships. Keeping a relationship lively and happy is sometimes difficult in the long run. The human touch is like a lightning conductor for stress relief.
Be-with mission is to provide new innovative ways to keep our relationships warm, in this case with designer clothing for touches!


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