The Dream Silk Bedding Silk Bedding 4-Piece Set

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Sleeping beauty’s secret weapon, or how a sustainable silk bedding can rejuvenate your skin overnight. Literally, the dream.

Bring an original and sophisticated twist to your beddings by inviting Picasso’s art to your nights. Besides inspiration, enjoy the natural properties of our luxurious silk: anti-aging, hair caring, skin hydrating and nerves calming, among others.

The 4-Pieces Silk Bedding set includes 1 Bed sheet, 1 Quilt Cover and 2 Pillowcases, and is made of 100% Pure Organic Mulberry Silk with low carbon. Fine art of handcrafting makes each piece of this bedding set unique.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator with well known therapeutic properties.

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Not Just Pajama is a brand-new take on modern sleepwear.

Founded in London 2015 through original design they create silk products that are as young and fashionable as they are luxurious.

With natural silk at the heart of every unique piece, Not Just Pajama is the answer to a sophisticated lifestyle.

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