Tug Of War

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Style notes

The Tug of War is a cushion about love, or at least how we are all on opposite sides of it but achieve balance through mutual understanding and cooperation. Either that or it's about two birds who barely tolerate each other and are about to rip a bug apart. I can’t pretend to understand what goes through the mind of my wife who designed this, but I have the sneaky suspicion that she is both of the birds and I'm the bug, she loves me but is tempted to fly away in opposite directions. Whatever, it is a bit fabulous and you probably need one in your life, if only to remind you about the precarious nature of love, one moment you are the most important thing in the world and the next you are half a bug.

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Not Pretty

Not Pretty is Libby and Richard Baker, a wishful collaboration where Libby does most of the work and Richard points out that fuchsia might have a ‘W’ in it. It's a bit like the way Richard thinks he does as much housework as Libby because he occasionally dries the already dry breakfast dishes while she's at the supermarket on her way back from dropping the kids off at school and before she makes a three-fish pie while doing the hoovering. In other words Not Pretty is mostly Libby, despite the fact that she is pretty, rather than Richard, who is not.


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