3kwan So Travel Yoga Mat

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Style notes

This mat is especially suitable for your asana and meditation practice because the organic cotton enables the flow of life force (also called Sekhem or prana), unlike most other rubber mats which have an insulating effect. When seated in meditation pose, the earth’s energy can be fully absorbed and travels from the sacrum to the crown to connect with the Absolute.

The seven Adinkras on the mat are substitutions for the seven main chakras.
Each Adinkra has specific qualities of symbolism, characteristics, phonetics and animals which correspond to the substituted chakra.

Sunsum = Spirituality
Ohene = Foresight, Wisdom
Adinkrahene = Leadership, Charisma
Osrane Ne Nsoromma = Love, Harmony
Dwennimm3n = Strength, Toughness
D3nky3m = Adaptability
Asase Ye Duru = Divinity of the Earth

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Yoga Konga

The name says it all: Launched in 2019, YOGA KONGA is a clothing brand that unites Yoga with the African continent.

The pieces of the collection are in essence Yoga wear, but are designed as a second skin for any occasion, making them wearable at home, during everyday activities and any type of sports.

YOGA KONGA is not just clothing – we are on a mission to teach about sustainability, Yoga and especially Kemetic Yoga, African spiritualities, fabrics and symbolism, as well as how to live a fulfilling life in harmony.


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