Apple Leather Tote Bag - Ruby - Green

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Style notes

This bag is ultra-light mini tote bag.
It is made from eco-friendly vegan apple leather, known as apple pomace.
This bag features light weight without any metal decorations.
It has compact and practical storage space with built-in bottom pad inside colorful lining and zipper mini pocket.

Sustainability guarantees

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Do all items in your collection use vegan based material, textiles or ingredients where normally animal by-products are used by most manufacturers?


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MARHEN.J comes from a Spanish derivation‘MARGEN’ meaning 'composure, relaxation'.

Rather than focusing only on minimalism and excessive functions,our designs are practical yet still being aesthetic, along with options in various colors, materials, and patterns.

High-Quality Animal-Friendly Materials. A variety of materials to replace animal skins are designed and produced. The reason to sacrifice animals for fashion disappeared due to the development of superior artificial leather manufacturing technology.

The luxury class handbags with another direction with an emphasis on quality and the aesthetics of the product itself will be produced rather than the obsession with the original material.

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