Aster Starfish and Sapphire Gold Necklace


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Part of our Summer Reflections capsule we bring you the Aster Starfish Necklace. Inspired by sea stars which play a vital role in ocean ecosystems as a keystone species. Keystone species help to regulate populations and keep ecosystems in balance by preying on animals that don’t have other natural predators. For example: seas stars prey on mussels. If sea stars are removed from, the mussel population will grow uncontrolled and push out other living organisms vital to the ecosystem.

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Based in: United States of America

Lot28 is a lifestyle brand, focused on creating beautiful pieces for you and the earth. Using partially recycled precious metals, antique diamonds, and responsibly mined new stones because who doesn’t want to feel beautiful and reduce their carbon footprint.

We make jewelry that sparkles for you and the earth.
With love,
Jocelyn & Emily

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