Avalana Courting Hoopoes Linen Cotton Cushion

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Style notes

Taken from Avalana's stunning Gardens of Petra escapism scene, this hand-painted scene depicts two hoopoe birds ready to dine on the fruit-laden trees of this bountiful oasis.

Evoking a sense of dark and dreamy nighttime adventure, the deep inky charcoal colour way of this design is perfect for darker interior colour schemes.

This printed linen/cotton cushion, adorned with tonal tassels in a warm umber, comes complete with a feather inner pad, so all that's needed to keep it looking spectacular is an occasional plump!

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From bespoke murals to opulent tasseled cushions, the distinctive style of this exuberant brand injects such a sense of wonderment through its lavish hand painted artworks; Each unique design captures the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and fills the space it adorns with an inspired sense of enchantment and escapism.

Every piece throughout the collection features Avalana’s unique and intricate watercolour illustrations, and the Orient Midnight bedding design (pictured below) is simply breathtaking; the lustrous scene of graceful great blue herons wading through a golden moonlit lily pond, set against a dark and dreamy ebony landscape, is utterly divine and is sure to create a showstopping focal point in any bedroom.


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