The Maison boks&baum combines noble and luxurious materials with meticulous hand-crochet know-how for surprising and colorful creations. From luxury crafts to Haute Couture accessory.

Haute Couture accessory: singular and spectacular jewelry for a fashion and offbeat look. The jewel as one of the brightest expression of style. Sylvie Boksenbaum creates jewelry designs that fit into a Haute Couture universe to spike an outfit with graphics and bright ornaments. The light and comfortable creations can be worn for casual and dressed up looks alike. The boks&baum jewelry ventures to unexpected creative horizons: extravagant volumes, bright colors, quirky shapes, astonishing combinations.

Sylvie took this opportunity to talk to Wolf & Badger and Swarovski about moments that defined her and her creations...

When did you know that fashion was your true calling?

When I was 4 years old on summer holidays!! It was impossible to take me out to the beach without all my accessories: bracelets, necklace (handmade with melons seeds, flowers, shells…) sunglasses, fancy skirt… My mother was desperate…  I have always been attracted by fashion! 

How do you decide what pieces you want to create? How do you translate your passion and inspiration into those pieces? 

I create the pieces I want to wear. And then work hard for it… Hours of thinking, looking for the perfect stones, mixing colors, materials… That requires diligent research, and treasures of patience…!

You switched from beautiful knitwear to beautiful jewelry—what motivated this volte-face?

I had to leave my knitwear boutique while moving to South Africa. It was then too hot to sell sweaters! Since I was allergic to all metals, I was very frustrated not being able to wear statement and colorful jewels. I had the idea to cover one large chain necklace with cotton, thanks to a crochet technique my grandmother taught me, and I loved it! Then, while living in Brazil, I gradually developed my creations, integrating beautiful semi-precious stones I was surrounded by. 

Who or what inspired you to start featuring Swarovski crystals in your products? 

I always wanted to integrate Swarovski crystals in my jewels as I love to mix matt and shining stones. Swarovski crystals offer a great choice of colors and brilliance, which look very stunning in my creations and give a nice contrast with the natural stones.

Are there any particular materials and techniques that you favor? 

Obviously the hook technique which is a singular and light way to crimp a stone. And I love all the amazing stones you can find in nature, as well as cotton, silk, raffia…. Everything that I can compose within my creations.