On this dreary, cold London afternoon, we have been doing our best to
keep things cheerful inside the Wolf & Badger office by listening to a
fun and upbeat playlist. One song we can't seem to get off repeat is
''I'm His Girl'' by Friends.

With its pop-rock influences and hip-hop inspired melodies, this song
sends you straight back to 90s and the days of slouchy socks and
oversized t-shirts. Milli Vanilli anyone?

The uber-cool, fresh out of Brooklyn group are new on the music scene
and have only been together for 6 months, making their current success
somewhat impressive. We love the 90's pop vibe of the song, which
matches perfectly to the single's accompanying video. It somehow makes
you want to get up out of your office chair and dance on top of your
desk (although we don't recommend doing that!).

If you love this group as much as we do, you can look forward to some
tour dates and an album release in 2012. We're already planning our outfits...

How about one of our favourite 90s teen accessories with a stylish 2011 update? Check out our gorgeous cuffs by Maria Black and Maria Francesca Pepe:

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