What better way to cheer up on a cold, wet Monday than to play some upbeat and cheerful music to help lift our spirits. It's this time of the year of going through our summer playlists and clinging to memories of sunshine and warmer temperatures. One of the most played bands on our summer playlist is Metronomy, so it is worth giving it a try!

This British born group have a great talent for mixing pop and folk sounds, and having been inspired by Fleetwood Mac when writing their latest album, there is a definite 70's vibe to their songs. It might explains our desire to pull out a pair of flared jeans and hit the dancefloor!

We especially love the single, 'The Look', which will surely have you tapping your toes and will most definitely be stuck in your head for days. Thats just the effect they have on you!

What are your tricks to cheer up on gloomy days?