Drop by Wolf & Badger's Dover Street store in the next couple of weeks to check out Posthuman Wardrobe's Window Installation! Created by the fabulous Abbie & Zoë www.abbiestephens.co.uk www.zoemaxwellphotography.com

The window installation is an extension of Posthuman Wardrobe's look book shoot for S/S2014 which was originally developed by Abbie and Zoe. The collection itself, Dissect and Amplify, is inspired directly from human anatomy - particularly the notions of power and strength. By looking at anatomy and musculature, Posthuman Wardrobe developed a collection that is designed specifically to be empowering. With the use of intelligent seaming and geometric panelling, the shoulders are made to look broader and the waist to appears lower and narrower. Certain muscle groups are highlighted while others are dropped into shadow.

Abbie and Zoe took these concepts and developed an abstract 3D geometric space which served as a fitting environment for the outfits. By developing and multiplying these structures and positioning them in real space, they turned a simple window display into an exciting and multi-layered installation.

Catch them on Twitter: @abbiestephens & @zoesmax
Instagram: @abbiestep & @zoesmax
E: abbieandzoemake@gmail.com