If you can’t get dressed up during the festive season then when can you eh? The month of December requires a plethora of different outfits for every occasion; from the show-stopping Christmas party dress, the all important Christmas day outfit, to the subtle hint of sparkle for festive drinks with friends you haven’t seen for years.

In recent years we would throw on a Christmas jumper, a pair of heels and go; content with knowing that we looked suitably tacky and over the top.  This year however, we’re taking a more sophisticated approach to holiday dressing, staying away from in-your-face CHRISTMAS screaming outfits, and aiming for something a little more refined.  

ï Miss Sophie Top, £169 

Tada & Toy Star Hoops, £42

J. D'Cruz Clutch, £190 

ElleSD Skirt, £180

De Siena Pumps, £315


Tanya Elizabeth Dress, £160

Florence Brige Scarf, £175

Bet Barcelona, £129

Mew Ear Cuff, £82

Luke Grant-Muller Shoes, £340


Louise Coleman Dress, £175

Liz Law Necklace, £75

Maya Magal Ear Cuff, £55

Esin Akan Bag, £255 

A + EM London Boots, £70