Walk into any store on the high street at this time of year and it’s like walking into a giant confetti cannon.  It can be difficult to find a festive outfit for the party season without looking like a human disco ball. There is also an overwhelming urge to be the best dressed at the Christmas party or to at least surprise the colleagues that you see on a daily basis by turning up with a completely transformed look.

The looming pressure of the party season is here, so we’ve rounded up a selection of our most stylish party pieces, to help you survive the silly season.

House of Ronald Silver Pants, £380

Rebson Clara Dress, £295

TWIN London Tux Stripe Jumpsuit, £168

Inclouet Laser Cut Leather Skirt, £620

Rachel Entwistle Modern Primitive Ear Cuff, £290

Florence Bridge Bianca Clutch, £95