Most people are a sucker for the color black.  We’ve all got a trusty leather jacket that gets better looking every time you wear it, a pair of boots that have been taken to the cobbler to be repaired 3 times because they’re too good to throw away or a cashmere jumper that is so soft it gives you the greatest comfort when all you want to do is stay in bed.

Black will never go out of fashion and there will never be a day when throwing on an all black ensemble won’t make you feel like a badass. So here are 5 pieces to prove that beautifully made items in the darkest color will be a firm favourite in your wardrobe for the rest of time.

Mairi McDonald Joplin Dress, £725

A + EM London Eclipse Boot, Now £168

Olive Cooper Little Liberty, £320

Daniel Cerdan Crewneck Ottoman Dress, Now £390

Penmayne of London Willow Fedora, £269