When we think about style and femininity throughout modern history, the silk scarf seems to play an integral role. It conjures up images of Audrey Hepburn peeking over her sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany's, of Grace Kelly and of countless other style icons, including our very own Queen.  There is nothing quite like having of swathe of silk wrapped around you to make you feel beautiful and timeless.

Bibi Herron, a new and exciting British designer has created a luxury silk scarf collection to covet! Each design is a combination of her own hand drawings and digital manipulations. This collection takes its focus from the 60's and 70's, inspired by the vibrancy of fashionable destinations such as the Amalfi coast, avant-garde ideas of the time.

What sets Bibi's scarves apart from the crowd (aside from the truly unique & beautiful design) is their versatility. They are oversized but made from such fine lightweight Italian silk, that they can be folded down to create a classic Parisian style of neck scarf without looking bulky.  They can be worn in an array of different ways; tied up as a beach dress or in a 70's style turban, perfect for channelling those still ever present 70's trends we're still seeing on the catwalks.

Our favourites are the SOL, ZODIAC and the NUIT!. The SOL and ZODIAC both channel serious 70's and woodstock vibes with their bold and stunning colors, whilst the NUIT! scarf was inspired by the late David Bowie, showing a stunning explosion of a night sky with a simple black and bronze color palette.