Chalk Crinkle Cotton Throw

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Style notes

Bring colours from nature into your home with our beautifully soft and welcoming Chalk Crinkle Cotton Throw. Chalk is a timeless creamy colour that will blend into any colour scheme.

The crinkle effect creates a relaxed and versatile throw to suit any room in the home. It will add a textured and layered look. This throw is woven from breathable and lightweight pure cotton and is perfect for cozying up. The crinkled texture and tasselled ends give it a super-soft and inviting feel. Use it on your sofa, as a bedspread, or decoratively draped over the back of an armchair when you are not wrapped up in it.

Sustainability guarantees

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Is the manufacturing process of your collection free from child labour and human trafficking, are all workers paid a living wage, and is the factory compliant with all local environmental regulations?

Claire Gaudion

Claire Gaudion's cushions and throws are an ode to the natural world. Claire Gaudion creates nature inspired home textiles, drawing on nature’s colours, patterns and textures. Designed to create a feel-good home by bringing nature's colours, as well as textures and patterns that mimic nature indoors has been shown to increase our connection with the natural world and in turn, support wellbeing and happiness.

Claire Gaudion believe in human-centred design, authentic craftsmanship and sustainability, and create collections that follow these values.


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