Clean Vapor Skinpod

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Style notes

This daily skincare treatment gently removes residual oil or grime, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated without stripping it of its natural oils.

No unnecessary ingredients, only concentrated Niacinamide and other actives.
Leaves skin looking smooth, hydrated, and supple
Removes unwanted residue from the skin, and deep cleans it without irritation.
Easy application with any RÉDUIT device.
Magnetic Misting enables the treatment to absorb deeper into the skin which makes it more effective.

Sustainability guarantees


RÉDUIT was created with one vision: to revolutionize the everyday beauty routine. We started in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the dream of creating truly superior beauty products.

In French ‘Reduit’ means ‘reduced’. We reduce packaging. Amplify results. Reduce time. Amplify efficacy. Reduce steps. Amplify beauty.

Our products are free from unnecessary ingredients that offer little benefit to hair and skin. Instead, we concentrate the actives to deliver maximum benefit and minimum waste.

Inspired by nature, elevated by design.


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No Animal Testing
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