Crease Release - Classic

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Style notes

Escape the drudgery of ironing with Attirecare's Crease Release spray, this clever spray-on solution leaves clothing crease-free, with the lightest smell of our classic fresh cotton fragrance. Perfect.

Attirecare's Crease Release is an innovative, invisible spray-on solution designed to leave your clothing crease free without the need for pressing or ironing garments. Made with fabric relaxant technology, this product really has it all especially when it comes to saving time not to mention money!

Sustainability guarantees


We (Abi and Seb) started the brand from an idea that once necessity type products could become something of aesthetical appreciation. We ultimately want to disrupt the care market and put more importance on the types of products we make, whilst growing our community. Attirecare is a place where you can shop responsibly-made care products for all aspects of your lifestyle (Shoe, Garment, Home & Others) promoting longevity within all sectors.

All of our products are packaged in glass vessels and we don’t use harsh chemicals in any of our formulas, to ensure they are kind to sensitive skin, delicate fabrics, and our planet!

We hope to make those purposeful - but sometimes mundane - tasks a little bit more enjoyable.


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