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Hand drawn Brazilian style bikini prints that are ethically sourced to support small and local businesses in Latin America. Our bikinis are created to celebrate woman’s bodies, to make a statement that allows boobies and booties to move freely in an itty-bitty bikini without receiving the social judgment of others. They inspire all women of the world to embrace their beautiful figures regardless of stretch marks, cellulite, small boobies, big boobies, flat booties, or big booties. Designing swimwear for women is such an intimate experience and understanding our customers while celebrating the many female forms is an important part of our process. Young, wild, and free with a sprinkle of sophistication is the inspiration for the designer's bikinis collection, now and forever.
Skilled Artisan
Responsible Packaging
Non-toxic Dyes
Happy Worker
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the ABACAXI KEENI collection at Wolf & Badger.

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