Be. Alice

Be. Alice is an handmade jewellery designer based in London (UK) and founded by Alice Bertazzolo in 2019.
Playing with unexpected mediums and unconventional techniques, Alice delivered one-of-a-kind pieces following one single rule: “design over material”.
With two main ongoing collections, Alice is exploring two different concepts.
Her debut collection By the Sea is focused on recreate a sense of fluidity and movement in metal, challenging the rigid structure of the material itself. The result are pieces where the sense of lightness, freedom and the ever changing shape of water are captured and preserved for eternity.
In the other collection called Arlecchino, her focus is pointed on the "perfectly imperfect" nature of cast-in-place: a technique where the stones and the metal literally become one asking the wearer to embrace a new way to conceive jewellery: not as a sterile perfect little structure, but more as an organic embellishment with his own character and imperfections.
For that reason, no two pieces are the same and most of them are truly impossible to replicate, mirroring the uniqueness of the person who will wear it.

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