BIAINILI, pronounced as "Bee-ai-nee-lee" (the name of an ancient Armenian kingdom in the first millennium BC), was created in 2014 in New York city by enthusiasts of beauty, art-de-vivre, fashion, nature, and culture. We offer unique personal care, lifestyle & well-being products based and inspired by traditional ingredients. We introduce new beauty destinations through the lens of nature, traditions, culture, and olfactory experiences. We contribute to the sustainability of natural growing cultures by connecting customers and local farmers through our products. One of the co-founders of our brand was born and grew up in Armenia and we are exploring this land of ancient tradition with the beautiful mountainous landscape, and creating new enjoyable experiences. We believe that this region is yet to be discovered. Being on the crossroad of East and West, Armenia has fused oriental habits & rituals, visual arts & designs, music & languages into western traditions, and thus was created the unique Armenian culture. Due to the entrepreneurial spirit, Armenian people traveled and lived in many countries around the globe, and added a blend of most exotic scents and flavors in their cuisines and lifestyles. In our products, we capture these unique blends and mixtures and use ingredients valued in the local cultures. All our products are formulated, handcrafted and constantly tested and in our own New York-based facility. We source our key botanical ingredients from producers who are tested and verified by our strict and rigorous guidelines. Our products are never tested on animals, we strictly follow the guidelines of FDA and IFRA in the formulation.

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