Bowe Organics

Bowe Organics is a British brand who use only the finest quality organic and natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. Bowe Organics was founded by Diane Bowe, a freelance hairdresser living in London. After years of researching and trying different blends of botanical ingredients, Diane has started to create her luxury, artisan, effective brand for the world to love and cherish as much as she does. At Bowe Organics we believe the quality of our ingredients are just as important as our specially thought out formulations. We use organic ingredients which are registered with the soil association where possible, all other ingredients are also natural .

We want to make sure we are using truly ethically sourced ingredients from farms that feel supported rather than exploited. This is an important factor for Bowe Organics. We are also now registered with the Vegan Society. We passionately care about every bottle that is made and all products have been specially formulated by Diane personally. We do not use third party manufacturers or off-the-shelf bases like other brands on the market. Each product is handmade in small batches to ensure the highest level of care and quality.