Claire English - Special Jewellery Company

Described as unmistakably English and unforgettable, Claire English Jewellery is hand- crafted in London, and is born out of a pure British eccentricity and a mischievous imagination.
 "The emotion I crave is wonderment; a sense of fantasy, challenging our preconceptions about what is possible in the material world." 
Claire English crept onto the British jewellery scene in 2010, when she launched the Claire English Special Jewellery Company. In much the same way as Lewis Carroll captivated her heart as a child, Claire is now enthralling jewellery experts with her own beguiling imagination, fascinating stories and magical gems. Akin to a 21st century bricoleur, Claire is adept at presenting the familiar as extraordinary. Her collections remain steeped storytelling; the more fantastic and bizarrely sourced the stories are, the more they inspire her to create jewellery.

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