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US-based Cosanuova started life in 2002 and in 2015 its dedicated team of design and jewelry professionals decided to move from their retail stores into the developing world of online fashion. Reemerging into the digital space, they took the name Cosanuova to capture the Italian and innovative service that has become the trademark of their brand. Today, Cosanuova offers a breathtaking collection of styles, each carrying an aesthetic and elegance that perfectly complements the wearer. From the charming, quirky motifs of their Animal Collection to the luxurious gold and diamonds of their Vienna Collection, Cosanuova's pieces are perfect for the modern woman. As part of Cosanuova's social responsibility program, we give back to the young lives of Africans whom have suffered the most from the flaws of our industry such as the war for conflict diamonds, therefore 10% of all sales go towards the SLIMS Africa organization. 

Cosanuova's sustainability and ethical guarantees: