Ecru Saigon

Ecru candles are 100% natural and handcrafted in Brussels, using pure essential oils from Vietnam as well as vegetable wax and eco wicks from UK for a clean and pure burn.

What is it like to take a journey the length of Vietnam, guided by the senses? Because our sense of smell is powerful, and able to evoke a memory of a special place or time, or someone dearly loved. Vietnam is a place both sensual and exotic and where the senses truly come alive. Its is also home, and this sense of place is what the Ecru candles were created to capture. Capturing the aromas of nature, the herbs, the spices, is what can take you there. The essential oils from Vietnam used in Ecru candles are a part of everyday life, and using them to create that sense of connection is what guides us. What Ecru brings to our candles are those basic elements of Vietnamese life - the herbs and spices – that are redolent of a place unique in the world, and one that has captured the world’s imagination. Each fragrance tells a different story which is linked to a place or memories of Vietnam.

Ecru was created from the dialogue between sense and design of Zen Nguyen & Koa Pham. Zen captures the aroma of nature, herbs and spices which tell the story of her birth and growth in Vietnam. Though now living on the other side of the world in Brussels, Vietnam and its natural elements are central to Zen and therefore Ecru does. Koa, also born in Vietnam but now living in London, is able to fuse the traditions of Vietnam and the contemporary of the West in the style and design of Ecru.

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