Electronic Sheep

"The coolest pair in knitwear..." - The Guardian, November 2018

Designers Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany established the knitwear label Electronic Sheep in 1998 as a result of winning several design awards.

They graduated respectively in Fashion and Graphic Design from Dublin's National College of Art & Design with stints at Central Saint Martins, De Montfort University and The School of Visual Arts, New York. Combining their disciplines they produce illustrative, graphic and colourful knitwear. Their knitted ‘tapestry-esque’ pieces have a cult following.

The scarves are knit in 100% merino wool. Designed in Dublin and London, ethically produced in Europe and made to last. The designers grew up next door to each other and have been friends since childhood. Their designs and drawings are distinctive, cultural pieces woven with unique stories. Their past and friendship is evident in their fun approach to design and in their lovingly made collections: ‘The Beat Club’, ‘Universal Cowboy’, ‘Holly goes to Paris’ and ‘Red Lemonade’... – to name a few!

VAT: 5299367M