Elizabeth An’Marie

Humble, handmade knitwear. Lovingly created and locally made using 100% pure and natural wool; sourced from happy sheep and goats who make their homes in the Peruvian Andes and on the East coast of South Africa. Ever since we founded Elizabeth An'Marie, it has always been important to do everything ourselves (via our hands) — taking every stitch and stream to assure quality in each step and every detail. After a simple hobby and two years of planning and preparing within the business, I can confidently say we have a genuine knowledge of drawing a design, creating that pattern to making the knitwear garments a reality. The process itself has always thrilled me, the mere challenge of it is perhaps what intrigues me the most. So many things needed to fit together; the look, the streams, the comfort and wearability. Since we make every style from scratch, each design is a challenge. However, once I see the outcome and the last fitting, it’s a fantastic feeling.