Gushlow and Cole

Together, Emma and I have been surrounded by fashion for as long as we can remember. Having come from a long heritage of dressmakers, tailors, knitters and ultimately shearling manufacturers our path into fashion design was pretty clear. Encouraged by the creativity and bustle of my father's leather and shearling factory, we decided to study design at The London College of Fashion before apprenticing under my father in shearling manufacture. Our innovative cricket ball stitch was picked up by Amanda Wakeley and used throughout her Spring Summer collection of 1996 and Nicole Fahri menswear the year after. My father's factory closed in 2003, but with our first orders from department stores in Paris, Tokyo and New York we set up two machines in his garage and began to sew the collection ourselves. We have a hands on approach to every aspect of our business, and the success of our creative partnership comes down to the unique understanding we have for one another. Although innovation is crucial, my father passed down to us his love and understanding of shearling, a meticulous eye for quality and a passion for traditional British make. These qualities are inherent within every one of our pieces and our brand philosophy has always been shaped by these roots we share. To Emma and I, Gushlow and Cole is more than just a brand- at it’s heart is our lifelong friendship, a strong sense of family and a business born of determination and an entrepreneurial British spirit!

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