Monique loved doodling as a child and also made her own clothes for school which was often received by gasps of approval by her school friends. Unlike her siblings who were both artists, she ditched the idea of becoming an artist and took the more conventional route by working as an Economics and Business Lecturer instead. The creative bug never left her and she was one day inspired when rummaging through her mother's trunk of clothing from the '60s and '70s to create her own line of womenswear Hotmamas... a universal term used for a woman who is sexually attractive regardless of her age and size.

Hotmamas Clothing disrupts the fast fashion scene with Slow, Ethical, Handmade, Fashion that allows women to look hot without destroying the planet.

Effortless and elegant aesthetics using luxurious natural fabric. Hotmamas truly embraces relaxed, comfortable dressing with a hint of sex appeal. Designed and produced in London this Label is the fruit born out of the need to create a line that not only complements the beauty of women but one that protects the ultimate Mamma… Mother Earth.