Hummingbird Australia

Our pieces feature individual, hand-painted patterns, designed to bring a pop of colour to life. We pride ourselves in focusing on ethical production processes and being a small, independent brand that strives to offer something different. We are an international team - our roots and places we've recently experienced (including Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the UAE) all had influences on our designs, hoping to reflect on these journeys with Hummingbird Australia.

Our first vibrant, hand-painted pattern is called Joy of Life - Joie de Vivre - بهجة الحياة and our very own expression of all things beautiful, strong and empowered:

Joy of Life - Joie de Vivre - بهجة الحياة

A lady the moon chases and the stars wish for. A wild damsel with a gypsy soul that dances with the sun. A free spirit, a beautiful mind and a boundless heart that isn’t meant to be tamed. Not one to run away from chaos, she looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink. And just like the vibrant, mesmerising colours that effortlessly twirl on, she too, freely flutters, soaking up her radiant glow from the languages that whisper to her and the cultures that caress her. Because while her beauty may be delicate, it is her magic that fuels dreams and brings to life the possibility of everything.

Inspired by Europe. Painted in India. Brought to life in Australia.

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