LE SURI is a London-based fashion label creating unique handbags from 100 % cork textile. With our innovative creative concept, we aim to break the rules of the traditional leather handbag industry by proving that modern design, elegance and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

LE SURI is leading the trend of eco, sustainable and cruelty free fashion as we handcraft our handbags from 100% plant based material named "cork leather". Cork leather is a very durable, soft, elastic and flexible alternative for animal leather. It feels like suede, is a very strong and at the same time feather-light material.
We are the first brand to manufacture contemporary designer handbags made from this material and we show the re(de)fined face of sustainable fashion.

We create our designs using only the highest quality natural materials from Portugal and Italy - organically grown, locally harvested and produced. Moreover, we are a PETA Approved brand guaranteeing that we are an animal-friendly label.