Lobo Marinho

Founded by André Marinho, Lobo Marinho is an eclectic interpretation on the timeless menswear acessory: the pocket square. Handmade in Portugal and featuring the traditional hand-rolled finishing, Lobo Marinho delivers both playful and elegant patterns with a more casual approach, making them less formal and more versatile. In fact, the ultimate goal is to pair it with casual looks and unexpected garments such as denim jackets or shirts. Each cotton fabric is carefully selected in Portugal and in India, and every print is limited to a certain number of units. The collection is the result of a continuous search quest for the most ecletic patterns and this is why is filled with illustration in order to bright up any outfit anytime of the year. The pocket square comes inside of a craft paper packaging box which makes it the perfect gift. In 2015 Lobo Marinho teamed up for the first time with the acclaimed Monocle magazine to create an unique and limited pocket square edition which was then followed by the 2016 edition and the 2017 one.

VAT: 513505741