Have you ever dreamed of an Exclusive sneaker? Something Elegant and Fancy yet Discrete that can make you stand out? A pair of shoes that looks Smart and ready to Party at any time? Well, we have been dreaming with same and we decided to take an action: bring Lutreet to light! Dreamed in Milano at a time of creative learning, designed in Chicago with faith and courage and produced in Porto by the most unique craftsmanship. These are our three embracing roots! Lutreet promises to help you taking your steps! Are you ready? Light, Fresh and Unique, with high quality materials fulfilled with the knowledge of the best handcrafters in Portugal, people who have spent their lives shaping shoes. Blend this with the Italian minimal, luxurious and creative sense of fashion. Add the innovative and cosmopolitan American feeling. You have your brand, you have Lutreet! Exclusive and Limited Edition handmade designer shoes!
As Life should always be, Lutreet grew up along the courage of taking the next step! We hope to always seek and tremble with the idea of what will be next step. We are energetic! The butterflies you feel right on that second you take The Step! We want to feel it with you, through your walks. Take a thousand steps! Lutreet will be there.

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