Melchior & Balthazar

Created in 2012 by Damien and Simon, the brand Melchior et Balthazar is a first in the cosmetic world. Their goal is to take their customers on travels throughout the world in order to discover prestigious raw materials produced by small artisans. Based on ethics and authenticity, Melchior & Balthazar offers organic, vegan and luxury products.

The products come from cooperatives or independent artisans. Thanks to their trips, the creators can establish unique relations with producers ; human relations are really important to the brand. The founders share their adventures with us which gives them the opportunity to meet their producers, see the production methods and the packaging creation process. These include an eco-dimension. Indeed, they give priority to noble and easily recyclable materials.

Melchior & Balthazar offers exceptional cosmetics fromtwo particular areas of the world, resulting in two rituls : the Oriental Rtual and the Ritual of the Rising Sun. Between excellence, ethics and ecology, we advise you to go follow the wise men in their quest to discover the treasures of the vegetable kingdom.

VAT: 11751302571