Rossling & Co.

The Rossling project started out as a search for the perfect watch: affordable, versatile and of course beautiful. Our vision for a minimal, modern, clean design came to life in 2013 after months of sketching out designs, researching and experimenting with different materials, building and testing prototypes and finally, collaborating with various independent suppliers and manufacturers.

In November 2013, we launched Rossling & Co. on Kickstarter and continued refining the designs through a crowd-collaboration process with our initial 1270 backers. Over the years, the watch has evolved but our focus on authenticity and individuality remains as strong as ever.

Our watches are designed to be subtle, versatile and adaptable. We believe that to achieve a clean, minimal look, one must remove unnecessary distractions so common in modern watches. A less-is-more approach combined with a classic watch design language.

Rossling & Co. is a family-owned and operated independent watch manufacturer established in 2013.

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