Saisons d'Eden

SAISONS D’EDEN is the story of a woman fascinated by plants and convinced that our bodies change with the different seasons. Our skin, which is the first organ to be confronted with these climatic changes, needs to be adequately prepared. Johanna Fayolle decides to dedicate herself to the research of what nature can offer our skin, with the objective of reconciling nature and progress, health and refinement. Johanna creates her skin care line in collaboration with a state-of-the-art laboratory. Her priority being to recognize and integrate the influence of the changing seasons with the need for an ethical high performance. These standards are at the heart of SAISONS D’EDEN’s philosophy, along with respect for skin type and the use of organic ingredients, without compromise. SAISONS D’EDEN’s three promises, a cream for all skin types and all seasons, privileged organic natural ingredients, pleasure of the senses.

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