Sara Peymanpour

Sara Peymanpour is an Iranian-British jewellery designer, gemologist and artist. She has received a Masters Degree in Jewellery Design and attained a Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Sara's creative flair for design comes from her family of architects, while her interest in jewellery was fuelled by her grandfather, a well-known silverware designer in Iran. She has lived in Iran, Australia, Italy, England and Canada, and has visited many more countries, enabling her to absorb influences from various cultures, a key source of inspiration for her. Sara utilises innovative technologies and ancient techniques to create magical collections of fine jewellery which has a strong international following. Her award-winning collections have been showcased at the British Museum, London Jewellery Week and Paris Fashion Week, to name just a few.

Available in New York and online