SeventyOne Percent

70% of water on the planet.
70% of water in our body.
... and 1% of the profits donated directly to the charity Vision du Monde.

SeventyOne Percent was born between Biarritz and Hossegor from two surfer friends. To meet sun and ocean lover’s expectations, the duo decided to develop sun care formulations that respect marine ecosystems and protect corals, by limiting sunscreen content, and favouring mineral filters where possible. None of the products contain nanoparticles, which have a negative impact on the environment, but which are also potentially damaging for our bodies. Similarly, they do not include silicones, paraben, phenoxyethanol and petrolatum in their compositions. No animal testing & 100% made in France.

SeventyOne Percent only uses recycled packaging, including « post-consumer recycled plastic content » PCR tubes, to minimise their environmental impact.