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Born from personal turmoil and a quest for meaning, SOMBRE is Noé Hieronimus' brainchild. Rooted in Paris, SOMBRE is a designer brand specializing in ready-to-wear fashion. Our inclusivity is reflected in genderless garments for all identities. Produced in the EU, mainly in Portugal. Ensuring quality and environmental responsibility, all fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified. In an anxiety driving world, SOMBRE is a beacon of resilience. Inspired by the freedom of a dark nightclub, SOMBRE embodies embracing life with fervor, finding solace and escape. We create gender-neutral fashion, transcending norms. Balancing Parisian chic with New York boldness, we harmonize allure with gutsy freedom. Join us—embrace resilience, elegance, and liberation. 

SOMBRE's sustainability and ethical guarantees: