Tucker & Bloom

The father and son team of David and Case Bloom established Tucker & Bloom after the collapse of the travel wear industry following September 11. David, a 30-year bag veteran, was the director of Coach travel products in New York prior to the attack and after was forced to take piecemeal design gigs to feed the family. Case, then a high school art student, watched his father’s craft being wasted, and together the concept for Tucker & Bloom was formed. Tucker & Bloom first released its flagship North to South Messenger Bag, which has garnered worldwide acclaim as a functional messenger bag and DJ record bag. Over the years Tucker & Bloom has established itself as a leader of innovative designs for the seasoned traveler while remaining rooted in American manufacturing. Its bags and leather goods are refined and constructed at its factory in Nashville utilizing locally and nationally sourced, ethically responsible materials, and it has collaborated with DJ Rich Medina, Jack White’s Third Man Records, and many others. Tucker & Bloom’s classic pieces, created by the Bloom family, are built to withstand a lifetime’s worth of use.