Launched in 2015, Yufash is a new breed of sustainable luxury wear for women & men who are confident, sophisticated, and rebellious when it comes to fashion. Edgy and cold, bold and intriguing, dynamical like the new mind. Brand combines artisan techniques with innovative avant garde, reflecting the forthcoming. A Yufash woman/man doesn’t follow trends; she/he sets them. With a strong sense of identity and a clear vision for particular look. All garments are made using ethical production giving priority to small local producers and sourcing it locally within UK & Europe.
Brand releases 2 collections each season, eveningwear & smart daywear. Yufash eveningwear is part of range which offers customization and private orders dressing celebrities and clients attending red carpet events. Smart daywear range was launched September 2018 and includes menswear. Recent includes brand signature reflective prints and is known for it's maximum comfort without compromising the look.

Yufash received 2 year sponsorship from CAAFD committee in NYC in June 2018, which placed brand on NYFW Official Schedule.