Diffuser Set Ko B19 Frankincense Wood

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@aroma's Ko diffuser set combines the elegant fan diffuser Ko with a selected 10 ml aroma oil. The Kō Fan Diffuser is a compact, contemporary and silent fan diffuser that's perfect for small rooms. Ideal for use on your desk, by your bed, on your coffee table or in your bathroom.

B19 Frankincense Wood - a luxurious elegance and serenity for deep relaxation.
Ingredients: Frankincense, Howood, Sandalwood

Including: 1 Ko diffuser brown + 1 B19 Frankincense Wood 10ml

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Based in: Germany

@aroma is a scent architecture and design brand that believes in the transformative power of scent in how we experience our spaces, as well as the world around us. Scent’s part of our evolution – we’ve relied on it to shape our existence for thousands of years. And @aroma exists to help you make the most of scent at home. Quality’s key to curating a high impact sensory experience through scent– which is why @aroma uses 100% natural essential oils, sourced in person from all over the world. And each bottle’s put together by skilled blenders, who use years of knowledge to craft an expert, powerful blend – each one with a different purpose.


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