Flagship Five, Alchemical Skincare Set


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From Dawn to Midday to Dusk to Stars and Showers in between. Introducing Real Alchemy:
AURORA "Dawn" Beauty & Healing Balm; featuring egg yolk oil, sal butter, tamanu oil, sea buckthorn, frankincense, sandalwood, zinc bhasma and oil of gold.
MERIDIEM "Midday" Nourishing & Protective Body Butter (whipped); featuring egg yolk oil, sal butter, beeswax, rosehip oil, galbanum, geranium.
TENEBRIS "Dusk" Soothing Balm; featuring black cumin seed, camphor, peppermint, gotu kola, arnica, oil of silver.
ASTRUM "Star" Beauty Serum; featuring oils from seeds of prickly pear cactus, raspberry, carrot, watermelon, plus squalene, helichrysum, rose, sandalwood, amber, champaca.
IMBER "Rain Shower" Mist; featuring hydrosols of lemon balm, frankincense, myrrh with oil of gold and colloidal silver.

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For people who believe that skincare is healthcare and in nature's radiant intelligence, REÅLEA delivers extraordinarily potent skincare solutions that delight the senses and tend deeply to body, soul, and spirit. Rooted in a uniquely modern synthesis of the global traditions of laboratory alchemy and featuring super-ingredients previously unknown to the modern era, our innovative science-backed and results-driven formulations are pure, fresh, handcrafted, small-batch and safety-tested. The REÅLEA SKINCARE series was created for a beauty wellness ritual of loving self-care, nourishment, and healing. Flagship products named in Latin for different times of day, to provide you with everything you need to nurture your whole body from head to toe, and from the surface to the deep tissue.


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